Free Birthday Club


Want An Easy Way To Get Customer Contacts?
Build A FREE BIRTHDAY CLUB for Your Business

Shoppers know that birthday clubs are code for 'free stuff' and they are willing to give you what you need to make that happen through permission based opt-in marketing. 
  • Automatically send a birthday gift (coupon) to subscribers for their birthday

  • Build a mobile messaging list for as long as you want at no cost

  • Build goodwill and attract new customers to your store
Start a birthday club for your business now. It is COMPLETELY FREE FOREVER and you can change your gift offer at any time. Just fill out the form on the left to get started. We'll build your Birthday Club within one business day and give you the tools you need to start enrolling customers.

How Does A Birthday Club Help My Business?

Customers voluntarily give you permission to contact them according to the terms of your birthday club, which includes reaching them at times other than their birthday. For example, you might have a special event or sale and use your club subscriber list to let people know.

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing is creating a starting point. How many times have you wanted to email people only to realize you haven't been building a list? Having your own birthday club gives people a reason to connect with you while, at the same time, keeping contact list ready to use whenever you decide the time is right.

Why Is It FREE?

We want you to see just how easy and effective mobile marketing can be. New customers and existing customers can all be in your club list and you will automatically reach out to them at least once a year with a special offer that will cause them to come see you (and probably bring friends and family with them).

How Do I Get People To Join?

The easiest and FREE way is to post signage &/or table tents throughout your business announcing your birthday club, it's benefits, and simple instructions for joining, which are

text YOUR-WORDto 55678

We also have a free web-widget to add to your website as well as sign-up tablet kiosks for an additional cost.

Can I Send Other Offers / Announcements To My Club Members?

Yes but... We will set your club up so that people will expect to receive other messages while they are subscribed. However, the free birthday club includes only a single message send to each subscriber during the year. Additional message sends can be purchased on demand or as part of a monthly package subscription.

Just to be clear, the cost of the birthday club is always free, unless you choose to invest more in your business's marketing.

What Happens To My Subscriber List If I Quit?

We will send a broadcast notification to all members that your program is ending. This final notification may include information about how to find other local birthday clubs. All contact information is then flushed from the system. At no time do we transfer names from one program to another.

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