• One FREE Kiosk and no setup fee for the following services.
  • Just-In SMS Text and/or Email Notification Services for new yard stock that matches each customer's many vehicle preferences they setup.  These preferences are associated to each yard customer's mobile phone number.
  • LOYALTY VIP Rewards via a KIOSK.
  • Review generation and streaming. 
  • Integration between Just In, VIP Rewards, and Review systems. 

Just In Notices, VIP Rewards, and Reviews systems drive Customer Loyalty to your yard!
Some of the key features include

Daily SMS text noticies when new stock matches customer preferences

Communicate directly with customers via email and/or SMS text when new stock matches their preset preferences.  Matches processed daily. 

Automated Engagements

This automated system will keep your customers happy by saving them time touring your yard.  Customers check in on VIP Kiosk to earn rewards and our system will send we miss you auto engagement to get them back if they get busy and forget.

Customer Loyalty

Customers are happy because they do not have to tour yard for needed stock.  This drives loyalty through relevant messaging that saves them time.  Customers love the VIP rewards because they earn free entry and discounts and get specials via text.

White Glove Service

We work with your staff to help them promote the use of this customer friendly program.  We do all the work.  All the GM needs to do is decide what message / rewards they want to provide their happy customers.

This program helps you focus on your business while the system helps the customer find stock through Automation 

Check-in Kiosk

Kiosk allows simple registration for VIP rewards, generate reviews you can stream to your website, and get setup on Just In notices. 

Customized Yard Website

Each yard gets their own account setup and match results website for the Just In system.  

On-line Sign-up Form

Customer preferences can be setup easily via online forms allow yards to collect and associate almost any information about their customers.

Customer Preferences

For Just In notices, customers can select their your yard and select one to many year ranges, makes, and models.  When new stock matches, we let them know.

Yard Customers experience fast and Easy Just In Preference Setup and ability to redeem VIP rewards

Saves customer time

Time is money.  For Just In, customers receive matches with all the yard stock details down to which stock number and row.  VIP Rewards are quick and easy to earn and redeem. Yards love it because customers become more loyal and write great reviews from our system.

New VIP Welcome kits

Customers can be welcomed to Just In Notices from the VIP Club.  So, integration between Just In, VIP Rewards, and review generation and streams to your website are tightly coupled.


Include people's names... 'Hi John, You have 4 recently added vehicles at PJ's Auto Parts – click here ->'.  VIP rewards can have customer 'Hi John, Congrats you earned 20% OFF at PJ's Auto Parts'.

Added Value For Your Customers Improves ROI

SMS / Email

All new VIP Rewards go out SMS Text, and all new stock notices go out either SMS Text and/or Email.

Database Segmenting

Capture what year, make, and model customers are searching for which helps the GM buy new needed stock to fill their demand.  We can also notify each mobile what they want when it comes in.

Unlimited Subscribers

There is no limit on subscriber volumes.  

Reporting allows Yards to know what their customers want

Improve your business by learning from customers.

Bring them in. Bring them back.

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